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Vitamins - Importance for the body

IngredientImportance for the bodyDeficit symptomsWorks with
Vitamin A
Beta Carotene
Necessary for growth & regeneration of body tissues; smooth, soft healthy skin; protect the mucous membranes of the mouth, nose, throat & lungs, against air pollution, infections; reduces night-blindness and bad eyesight; required for bone and teeth formation. May help reducing the risk of lung cancer and some oral cancers. Beta-Carotene is non-toxic assists in lowering levels of "bad" cholesterol. Antioxidant.Itching, rough, dry skin, loss of smell and taste and appetite; increase in night blindness; increased risks of infections; increased fatigue; dull, dry, brittle or graying hair.Niacin, Vitamins B, C, D, E, Pantothenic acid, zinc, calcium, phosphorus.
Vitamin B1
Important for energy production; assists in the digestion; crucial for the proper normal working of the nervous system, muscles and heart; regulates appetite; assists in growth of muscle tone; useful against air and seasickness.Fatigue, depression, lack of appetite, tingling in legs; memory loss, muscle cramps.B12, C
Vitamin B2
Essential for carbohydrate, fat and protein utilization and metabolism; production of antibody and red blood cell formation; aid in growth and reproduction; sustains cell respiration, maintains good skin, nails & hair; alleviates eye fatigue and promotes good vision. Cracks at mouth corners, skin inflammation, sore tongue, light sensitivity and, eye problems, dizziness, gastric problems.Vitamin B6, C, niacin, B1.
Vitamin B6
Assists in synthesis and breakdown of amino acids, fat and carbohydrate metabolism; aids in formation of antibodies; used by the central nervous system; aids in the removal of excess fluid; foster skin health; reduces muscle spasms, cramps, numbness, nausea and stiffness.Fatigue, anemia, nerve dysfunction, hair problems, mouth sores and cracks, muscle cramps, irritability.Vitamin C, biotin, Pantothenic acid, niacin, magnesium.
Vitamin B12
Improves formation and regeneration of red blood cells, prevents anemia; indispensable for carbohydrate, fat, protein metabolism; keeps up healthy nervous system; promotes children's growth; increases energy; assists for calcium absorption.Anemia, weakness, fatigue, tongue and mouth cracks and sores, nerve degeneration, body smell, dandruff.Folic acid, A, B1, B6, niacin, biotin, Pantothenic acid.
(Niacin-vitamin B3)
Ameliorates blood circulation and reduces "bad" cholesterol in the blood; maintains nervous system; helps metabolize proteins, sugar and fats; assists in reducing high blood pressure; increases energy; important for a healthy skin, tongue & digestive system; converts food to energy. ease some attacks of diarrhea.Nervousness, headaches, fatigue, mental depression, aches and pains, irritability, loss of appetite, insomnia, skin rash and disorders, memory loss, muscular weakness, indigestion, bad breath, sores; pellagra, gastrointestinal disturbance.B1, B2, B6
IngredientImportance for the bodyDeficit symptomsWorks with
BiotinSupports utilization of protein, folic acid, Pantothenic acid, and Vitamin B12, promotes healthy hair, skin, circulatory system. converts food to energy, Ease muscle pain.Exhaustion, drowsiness, muscle pain, loss of appetite, depression, grayish skin colour, skin rash, loss of hair, muscle cramps, skin inflammation.Vitamin A, B2, B6, niacin.
Folic acidImportant during pregnancy, helps prevent birth defects, essential for the growth and reproduction of body cells; production and formation of red blood and tissue cells, aids in amino acid metabolism. Assists in preventing some forms of dementia.Confusion, mild dementia, gastrointestinal disorders, anemia, intestinal problems, pale tongue Vitamin B12 deficiency, pre-mature gray hair. loss of hair retarded growth.Vitamin C, B6, B12, niacin.
Vitamin C
(Ascorbic Acid)
Essential for general health good teeth, gums and bones; speeds up wound, tissue and Fractures healing; prevents scurvy; improves resistance to infection; aids in the prevention and curing of the common cold improves iron absorption; antioxidant nutrient; prevents conversion of nitrates into cancer-causing substances, decreases "bad" blood cholesterol, reduce severity of many allergies.Scurvy, soft and bleeding gums, swollen or painful joints, slow wounds and bruising healing, tooth decay, nosebleeds, loss of appetite, muscular weakness, anemia, bad digestion, aching joints, eyes problems, loss of hair.Vitamin A, B6, Pantothenic acid, zinc, glutatione.
Vitamin DAids in absorption and utilization of calcium and phosphorous and bone and teeth formation; maintains stable nervous system and heart action. May aid in preventing colds.Rachitism, tooth decay, softening and bristle of bones and teeth, fatigue, muscular weakness.Vitamin A, C, calcium, phosphorus.
Vitamin EAntioxidant - retards cellular aging due to oxidation; protects cell membrane and tissues, sustains circulatory system, protect lungs against air pollution, may lower blood pressure, removes fatigue.Lack of sexual vitality, rupture of red blood cells, loss of reproductive powers, changes in heart and other muscles; dry skin. Poor circulation.Vitamin C, B12, manganese, selenium, glutatione.
MagnesiumMaintains normal heart rhythm; aids regulating the heart's activity; necessary for proper calcium & Vitamin C absorption; converts sugar into energy. Keep health teeth alleviates symptoms of indigestion.Heart spasms, nervousness, muscular excitability, confusion; kidney stones, calcium depletion, leg cramps.B6, C, calcium, phosphorus.
IronMaker of hemoglobin, builds up the quality of the blood and increases resistance to stress and disease; transports oxygen, prevents fatigue and promotes good skin and resistance to disease.Paleness of skin, weakness constipation, anemia, fatigue, brittle fingernails.B6, C, B12, folic acid, copper
IodineNecessary for the development and functioning of the thyroid gland; regulates body energy; increases metabolism, mental health, speech, the condition of the hair, skin, and teeth; Produces thyroid hormone.Slow mental reaction, dry skin & hair, weight gain, loss of physical & mental vigor, enlarged thyroid gland in neck. 
CalciumBuilds and maintains bones and teeth; regulates heart rhythm; eases insomnia; regulates passage of nutrients; assists in normal blood clotting; helps maintain proper nerve and muscle function; lowers blood pressure; required to normal kidney functioning and may reduce the incidence of colon cancer, and "bad" cholesterol levels. Indispensable for bone and tooth development and maintenance, muscle contraction, nerve transmission.Softening of bones, muscle back and leg cramps, brittle bones, rickets, poor growth, osteoporosis, tooth decay, depression, arm and leg muscles spasms, heart palpitations.Vitamin A, C, D, phosphorus.

Minerals - Importance for the body

IngredientImportance for the bodyDeficit symptomsWorks with
ZincIs an antioxidant nutrient; necessary for protein synthesis; wound healing; vital for the development of the reproductive organs, prostate functions and male hormone activity; it governs the contractility of muscles; important for blood stability; maintains the body's alkaline balance; helps in normal tissue function; aids in the digestion and metabolism of phosphorus: Wound healing. Helps in the formation of insulin. New studies indicate its importance in brain function and treatment of schizophrenia.May result in delayed sexual maturity, prolonged healing wounds, white spots on finger nails, retarded growth, stretch marks, fatigue, decreased alertness, body odour, susceptibility to infections. Loss of sense of taste, poor growth and wound healing.Calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C, magnesium, B-Complex.
ManganesePrevents osteoporosis, improves memory and the production of energy; necessary for the metabolism of Vitamin B1 & Vitamin E; Activates enzymes for proper digestion, breakdown of fats and cholesterol; maintains sex hormone production.Dizziness, ataxia, loss of hearing, digestive problems, blindness, poor coordination abnormalities. May result in paralysis and convulsions. growth, reproductive. 
ChromiumAssists metabolism of sugar and stabilizes blood sugar levels; cleans the arteries, helps control the appetite; lowers high blood pressure. assists in energy production and optimum utilization of sugarsArteriosclerosis, heart disease, depressed growth, obesity, tiredness; may result in glucose intolerance in diabetics; poor glucose tolerance, low blood sugar levels. 
PotassiumWorks with sodium to regulate the body's balance and normal heart rhythm; stimulates the kidneys to eliminate body wastes; assists in reducing high blood pressure; promotes healthy skin; pH balance of blood, body-water balance, nerve and muscle function.Irregular heartbeat, muscular weakness, build-up of lactic acid; may result in poor reflexes, nervous disorders, respiratory failure, cardiac arrest, ear noises, muscle damage.Sodium
MolybdenumHelps in preventing anemia, aids in fat and carbohydrates metabolism.Not known. 
SodiumEssential for normal growth, nerves and muscles functioning.Appetite loss, impaired carbohydrate digestion. 
ChlorineRegulates the blood balance, aids in digestion, cleaning of body wastes.Loss of hair and teeth, gastrointestinal problems, muscle cramps. 
SulfurMaintains oxygen balance necessary for proper brain function, required for healthy skin, hair and nails.Not known. 
CopperRequired to convert the body's iron into hemoglobin, essential for the utilization of vitamin C.Anemia, fatigue, weakness, bone fragility, rheumatoid arthritis.Iron, zinc, cobalt.
PhosphorBenefits bone and tooth formation, muscle contraction, kidney function, nerve and muscle activity. Important for heart regularity and normal kidney functioning, provides.Continuous thirst, dry skin, general weakness, weak reflexes. 
SeleniumImportant antioxidant nutrient, protects cells and may decrease the risk of cancer and heart and blood vessels diseases. May decrease the risk of breast, colon, lung and prostate cancer; preserves tissue elasticity; slows down the aging and hardening of tissues through oxidation; prevents forming of dandruff.Anemia, heart muscle enlargement, irregular beat; may result in premature aging, heart disease, dandruff, loose skin.Vitamin E

Enzymes - Importance for the body

IngredientImportance for the bodyDeficit symptomsWorks with
CholineVery important in controlling fat & "bad" cholesterol buildup in the body. Prevents fat from accumulating in the liver, assists in proper functioning of the kidneys, liver and gallbladder. Assists in proper nerve transmission and improves memory. Used in the treatment of Alzheimer's disease.Choline deficiency symptoms may result in cirrhosis and fatty degeneration of the liver, hardening of the arteries, heart problems, high blood pressure, and/or hemorrhaging kidneys.Folic acid, Methionine.
MethionineAn essential amino acid (cannot be manufactured by the body) and must be obtained from food or supplements. Methionine is a principle supplier of sulfur which prevents disorders of the hair, skin and nails; helps lower cholesterol levels; reduces liver fat and protects the kidneys; natural chelating agent for heavy metals; may protect against certain tumors, influences hair follicles & promotes hair growth.Hair loss and damage, split nails, skin problems.Folic acid, Choline
Vital in their ability to increase the strength of the blood vessels and to regulate their permeability. "Assist" Vitamin C in keeping collagen; essential for the proper absorption and use of vitamin C and prevent its destroying by oxidation; beneficial in hypertension; helps prevents hemorrhages and ruptures in the capillaries and connective tissues; build a protective barrier against infections. Help build resistance to infection, aid in preventing and bleeding gums.A deficiency in these nutrients may result in varicose veins, a tendency to bruise and bleed easily, and/or the appearance of purplish spots on the skin.Vitamin C, each other in concert.
BilberryThe specific activity of Bilberry comes from concentrated fruit pigments called "anthocyanins" which have a specific strengthening effect on the walls of the vascular system. Collagen protein in the vascular wall becomes stronger, and the fine capillaries less susceptible to leakage. Bilberry extract possesses strong antibacterial and antiviral activity. Reduces eyestrain and improving night vision. Helps convert light into electrical signals for the brain. Enhances vision in low light conditions often encountered by truck drivers, pilots, law enforcement and military personnel; reduces general eye strain.  
GarlicUsed as a treatment for tumors, headaches, weakness and fatigue, wounds, sores and infections and used by athletes as an energizer. Has strong anti-bacterial properties and is used to treat amoebic dysentery. Helps protect against heart disease and cancer, and possess remarkable antibiotic effects. Effective in dissolving and cleansing cholesterol from the blood stream; stimulates the digestive tract.  
InositolAids in the breakdown of fats, helps reduce blood cholesterol, and prevents thinning hair. Important in nourishing brain cells.A deficiency of Inositol may result in high blood cholesterol, constipation, eczema, and/or hair loss. 

Herbal ingredients - Importance for the body

IngredientImportance for the bodyDeficit symptomsWorks with
GinsengIncreases sense of well-being stamina, learning ability, endurance, longevity & vitality; and has been used to relief stress, fatigue, insomnia, poor appetite, nervousness and restlessness. Increases aids in balancing hormonal activity; acts as a sexual stimulant, mental & physical stimulant; normalizes blood pressure levels; helps protect the body against stress; strengthens the endocrine glands; stimulates the activity of RNA & DNA in your cells, thus helping retard the aging process; strengthens the digestion and the lungs, calm the spirit, and increase overall energy. strengthens immunity against colds and flu and other infections (including herpes), helping to control diabetes by improving blood sugar control.  
PeppermintProbably the best-known remedy for stomach problems; helps digestion and prevents forming gas. can relieve diarrhea, reduce nasal congestion, soothe sore muscles and treats irritable bowel syndrome, has been used to treat nervousness, cramps, dizziness and coughs.  
Apple PectinPectin interacts and may remove or protect from accumulation in the organism of cholesterol, lead, diarrhea causing bacteria, prevents constipation and may lower the blood sugar level. Increases the excretion of lipids, cholesterol and bile acids, and reduce serum cholesterol levels. Pectin operate by binding with bile acids, thereby decreasing cholesterol and fat absorption; assists in regressions and prevents formation of gallstones; lessens the severity of diabetes. May lead to permanent changes in insulin requirements.
To prevent the possibility of insulin overdose, diabetics should advise their physician of the dose taken of apple pectin.
Cascara SagradaStimulates the secretions of the entire digestive system; helps prevent nervous disorders, colon & constipation problems; stimulates the liver, pancreas, gallbladder and stomach and in the treatment of jaundice, hemorrhoids and colic; useful in detoxifying and cleansing programs; may prevent the occurrence of calcium-based urinary stones.  
Echinacea purpureaEffective blood & lymphatic cleanser; acts as a natural antibiotic; aids in reducing fever, infections, bad breath & mucous buildup.  
Essential component in human cells and a component of the cell membrane; helps declining of the mental function and depression; sharpens memory and increase thinking ability.  

Supplements - Importance for the body

IngredientImportance for the bodyDeficit symptomsWorks with
GlutathioneMaster antioxidant, regulates the actions of lesser antioxidants such as vitamin C, and vitamin E within the body; important to overall health; regulator and regenerator of immune cells and detoxifying agent in the human body; eliminates many carcinogens and maintains immune function; neutralizes free radicals; detoxifies many pollutants, carcinogens, and poisons, including many in fuel exhaust and cigarette smoke;. important in DNA synthesis and repair, protein and prostaglandin synthesis, amino acid transport, detoxification of toxins and carcinogens, enhancement of the immune system, and protection from oxidation and enzyme activations; has potent anti-viral properties.Low levels are associated with hepatic dysfunction, immune dysfunction, cardiac disease and premature aging; deficiency may produce a pro-viral effect.Vitamin C and E
Green teaStrong antioxidant, anti-carcinogenic, anti-tumorogenic; possesses antibiotic properties, may prevent liver disease and prevents hepatitis and alcoholic liver disease.  
LuteinMay prevent vision deterioration and/or loss in adults; Fights free radicals that can also damage the retina and the lens; may prevent macular degeneration, cataracts and arteriosclerosis; may reduce the risk of cancer of prostate as well as other cancers.  
CranberryUsed for the treatment of bladder and kidney diseases, for bladder infections, bladder sand and to remove blood toxins; may also be useful for preventing gum disease.  
Coenzyme Q10
Powerful antioxidant, important for cells that produce energy from food; may be beneficial for treating of congestive heart failure, cardiomyopathy, heart diseases, hypertension, periodontal disease, some forms of sclerosis, angina, diabetes, male infertility, muscular dystrophy, obesity, Parkinson's disease. 
If you are taking Coumadin (warfarin) you should consult physician if you take CoQ10.

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